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How to Live a Happier, Longer Life

It’s not the quantity of life that counts, it’s the quality of it too. In the end, all anyone wants regardless of their walk...

These Students Built an Epic Baby Stroller for a New Dad in a Wheelchair

A group of school kids made a special wheelchair stroller so a disabled dad can take his newborn son out for a walk. 37-year-old Jeremy...

The Power of Positive Thinking

While everybody has probably heard of the term positive thinking, not everybody believes it is something that can be used successfully. Most of the...

10 Superfoods to Boost Brain Power and Prevent Cognitive Decline

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. But this saying extends well beyond just our bodies and general wellbeing. The food we...

How to Make Everyone Like You

Have you ever wondered how certain people appear to get along with everyone? How they just seem to be more likeable? Have you tried to...

‘Land is worth more when left to nature’ – study

The economic benefits of conserving or restoring natural sites now ‘outweigh’ the profit potential of using the same areas for farming or timber, a...

How to Make Exercise an Unbreakable Habit

We all understand the importance of regular exercise. It enhances our general health and fitness, improves our well-being, aids in weight management and enhances...

Stoicism: How One Simple Philosophy Holds The Key To Success

Whenever ancient Athens is brought up, my mind immediately jumps to polygamy, war and loin cloths as the trademark fashion statement. I may be wrong...

7 Evidence-Backed Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Perhaps you’ve heard about intermittent fasting, a diet choice that that’s gaining in popularity. Though maybe, you aren’t quite sure what it is, or...

Hundreds of ‘tiny homes’ have appeared in LA for homeless people to live in

Los Angeles is the latest city to experiment with micro homes, which provide secure accommodation for homeless people while they find their feet Small but...

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