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Positive News

These Students Built an Epic Baby Stroller for a New Dad in a Wheelchair

A group of school kids made a special wheelchair stroller so a disabled dad can take his newborn son out for a walk. 37-year-old Jeremy...

‘Land is worth more when left to nature’ – study

The economic benefits of conserving or restoring natural sites now ‘outweigh’ the profit potential of using the same areas for farming or timber, a...

Hundreds of ‘tiny homes’ have appeared in LA for homeless people to live in

Los Angeles is the latest city to experiment with micro homes, which provide secure accommodation for homeless people while they find their feet Small but...

Waitress in Tears After Receiving Thank You Note From Widow Eating Alone

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been tons of stories making the media rounds about crazy-generous restaurant customers leaving behind outrageously large...

Youth Who Walked 17 Miles Each Day For Work Receives Gifts From Good Samaritans

GoFundMe has had its controversies, but it has also facilitated countless amounts of good. Donte Franklin is a hardworking young man who was leaving for...

Norway Closes Last Arctic Coal Mine and Transforms Land into National Park

Norway is in the process of dismantling their last arctic coal mine and turning the area into national park! The goal is to turn the...

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