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Do artists create because they believe in something?

Homepage Forums Art and Expression Do artists create because they believe in something?

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    Ivanka Beran

      Hit the dump again. I’m 25 and I’m a believer in being free, meaning that I want to do some work with my passion and perhaps making money out of it. Being able to be myself, expressing, show my emotions, that kind of freedom. Thing is I’m stuck and it’s been awhile. I wonder if every people who work for themselves have a some kind of vision or they simply work just for the heck of it or simply enjoys the process? Maybe I’m just depressed and I’m not aware of it and it’s killing all my joy… I have no idea. I do cry at night sometimes and I can be discouraged but I’m never giving up because it’s not my nature and I know I will find a way.

      It seems that when I am making art I often have money in my mind or I see it as a way to escape my miserable life. I didn’t meant to say miserable but it’s the first thing that came out when I typed so I will leave it as it is. And this is where I think I’m wrong. Money isn’t the true way of happiness and I refuse to work just for the sake of money because it feels like I’m obliged to make art and it’s not healthy. The way I see it, happiness comes from creating, completing challenges, learning, friends, trying new things, exploring, having fun such as playing video games… That’s the kind of life I want.

      Anyway my question is, whoever you are, do you just make art because you enjoy the process, do you like to creating fantasy worlds or characters that you want to make it alive, you wanna share your thoughts and vision with the people around the world, do you have a belief or a goal you’re trying to reach? What is it that makes you wake up in the morning and excited for the day?

      Thank you.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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