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Have Another Child?

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    Tamzen Bell

      Hi there,

      My husband and I have a wonderful 17-month old son. My anxiety since becoming a mother hit record heights, and I’m finally working hard to address it. I’m starting to feel a lot better, and my son is a lot of fun but also a handful and has a ton of energy. All of my mom friends seem to be on baby #2, and I’m feeling the pressure from them and my own parents and in-laws to give my son a sibling.

      However, I had a really difficult pregnancy and traumatizing delivery (not to mention anxiety afterwards). In theory I would like a 2nd child (it’s what I always envisioned for my family), but the thought of going through pregnancy, childbirth, the newborn stage again, all while taking care of my son, sends me into a near panic attack everytime.

      I’m afraid if I don’t give him a sibling, I will regret it, or he will grow up feeling lonely, but I’m also worried about my mental health.

      Do you have any thoughts?

      My husband is happy with either one or two and says it’s my decision, which is wonderful. But this also makes me feel a lot of pressure to make the decision myself. Thank you!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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