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How to Socialize as a Loner… help

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    Meredith Brigham

    So I hit my 25 year mid crisis & decided that I’ve lost my pizzazz…

    In college I was super sociable & popular. Still a introvert but it was so much easier making friends..

    Now that I’ve graduated and spent 90% of my life at work & home completely isolated from friends. And after getting out of a relationship with someone who made me feel lonelier than I already was. I decided to push myself to adopt a new sociable & adaptable ego so to speak.

    I want to be me at my best, sociable , charming , adaptable , courageous , fierce … not just 10% of the time as usual but I want to be this way most times!

    I challenged myself to go to events alone so I can force myself to socialize . I’m currently at a open event & everyone is cliqued up as usual & I came alone & socializing seems impossible. It’s a movie event and the movie has yet to start.

    I’m sitting at a table alone while ppl socialize together. I feel like a idiot. Embarrassed. Alone & like people feel bad for me…

    I shouldn’t have come out…

    Now I’m afraid to leave. I get in this weird habit of thinking people are watching me…

    Ugh. How would a socialite navigate this situation?

    How would I socialize with ppl when everyone is already happy with friends??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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