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I choose love

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    Azura Beckett

      I want to start this new thread to open myself up to the truth about why I am alone and what I can do to change that.

      I feel I have many issues so it will be a challenge but I am only placing one guideline for myself in this thread. That is to avoid agonizing over my problems and approaching them the way I would approach a subject in school. I will try to figure it out as I go. I also have to be willing to do the homework.

      I call this thread “I choose love” because I feel that maybe I have rejected love. More on that later.

      I want to change my focus from wondering why love does not come to me to why I am obviously pushing love away.

      I will be coming in to post what I am doing to change to make things better but this thread is open to anyone else with similar goals.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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