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My boyfriend of 10 years left me without saying a word

Homepage Forums Healthy Relationships My boyfriend of 10 years left me without saying a word

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    Sofiya Vasylyk

      I have been with B for 10 years. I met him through a common friend in class 12th. He is my only bf but he dated more girls before.

      For the first 5 years, everything was going smooth because i was busy with friends/studies and he with his cricket and so there were no complaints and expectations. We loved each other a lot.

      Later, we both shifted to same city for making a future. Though we were staying in different houses. We were having the best time and i felt to be the luckiest girl on the world.

      Then the problem began because i was always waiting for his attention seeing I didn’t have friends in the new city. He started getting irritated seeing i was always around and dependrnt on him. I was earning well but still emotionally snd mentally i wanted to be around him onlu.

      B had many friends and was always busy with them. He would lie about his whereabouts with me but then he loved and cared a lot which always made me understand his situation.

      B was struggling hard with his finances and due to which was always irritated and angry on me. He had faces major loss in his startup. He hit me thrice during our fights. I used to wait for weekends to meet him but he generally had his own plans which made me sad. When i complained, he put that on me saying “i have high expectations and have changed”.

      There were times we had huge fights-only reason him not giving time. 3 years passes like this witj both hood and happy times then covid happened.

      His family knew about me and was partially ready to accept me. However, my family knew him only as my friend. I did not tell my parents because I wanted B to settle so that parents can be convinced easily.

      One day, we had a heated argument and post that he told his mom thar he doesn’t want to marry me. His family started searching alliances for him.

      We were stll in on and off relationship but i loved him more than anything and he loved me too.

      Then one day, he called telling me he is engaged and from that day my life has been ruined.

      I am trying to talk to him but he is not talking to me. I miss him and want him back…what should i do?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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