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Switching career paths/huge pay cut! Help

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    Zoe Martel

      Hello there everyone.

      I just recently joined this community and I am very grateful for the ability to glean from others experiences and have logged on numerous times when I am feeling down and needed some support. So, thank you.

      Sorry this is so long- but I really hope someone can help me.

      I am a Registered Nurse. I started my career doing bedside nursing for 5 years then switched to nursing administration- a clinical supervisor-for the last 3 years. My administration role still included some clinical aspects but for the most part the past 3 years have been administrative and it has been a very difficult transition. Yes, I say transition because even after 3 years, I still feel like I am such an amateur at this job

      A little background about me, I am 30 years old and when I first started the supervisor position I was 27 years old. I took the job with the intention of gaining more experience and learn how to deal with people that are difficult. I had also been involved with this employer for 5 years at this point and I wanted to be part of possibly creating positive change for the department. Looking back on it now, I may have been naive to think that a 27 year old could instantly come and immediately create positive change, without first having to overcome some hurdles..hurdles that I did not see at all. As a matter of fact I was blindsided by them. So much so that the first 2- 2.5 years (yes, pretty much the whole time) of that job I was in a major depression. On my days off I would sit inside my apartment, blinds closed, in my pajamas all day watching TV on the couch. I got major social anxiety as a result of this job and family and friends have both commented at how my personality as changed and am different. The most difficult part about this job was three fold. The staff I used to work along side with (including some that were 20 years my senior), I would now be supervising. Secondly, I had no idea people lied as much as they did and I didn’t know that it could be viewed at as okay. Thirdly, all these insecurities and views about myself that came out. For example, all of a sudden being in this role, everybody intimidated me. All of a sudden I had no backbone. (Fourthly, the staff I supervised were mean people!) (Fifth-my boss lied like crazy but she was one of the “best directors” of the department that the staff has had in years).

      I reached a point where I said to myself what am I doing? Can I see myself doing this for 25-30 more years? I grew up with such a romanticized idea of how my career would play out. I did not foresee this at all. I fear that I jumped into something before I had a chance to mature. It hit my like a ton of bricks.

      I’m now at a point where I’m exploring careers within nursing that are completely different. I’m not married I don’t have kids so I feel like I have the chance to do this. I found a school nursing job at a Music College and I am excited about it. I have always been involved in music and curious to learn more. I sang and played piano when I was younger. I want to do something more aligned with what excites me.

      This all sounds great right-like a no brainer-make the switch and explore! However, there is one big thing, it will be a significant pay cut-almost 50K! While I know that money is not everything—let’s be real that’s a lot! (or is it?)

      I can’t decide if I should continue going down the administrative path-a path that I still am new at, and there are a lot of opportunities to advance and also be monetarily compensated well OR to essentially start over in a different space with a big pay cut, having no real “job security”, but taking a risk a chance and doing something that excites me… Is it too risky?

      A lot is riding on this for me personally. I’m the youngest of 5 siblings. I grew up being silly and goofy. I was overweight when I was younger so my brothers would verbally bully me and I feel like Ive been trying to prove to everyone and myself that I am a strong person that I have stamina to make it through tough times. I feel pressure from friends who are successfully advancing their way through their career.

      Any advice or experience with anyone switching career paths and taking a significant pay cut in hopes to get a more fulfilling job aligned with their passions/what excites them………. I welcome any and all advice.

      Hope all this makes sense.

      Peace and Love.

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