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The 7 Levels of Consciousness

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    Lockie MacClellan

      The Mind is an unlimited resource. We have seen such incredible growth in recent decades to prove it; exponential growth in industry, technology, agriculture, spirituality and an awareness of humanity in general. This growth, this accelerated evolution of the Human experience, is a direct result of our Consciousness striving from creation to exhilaration.​ As we said in our previous blog post ‘The Multiverse Within’; the limitless expanse of potential in our mind dwarfs the puny physical realm. The Mind truly is an unlimited resource.

      Tapping into this resource begins by first understanding how it works, understanding the nature of consciousness, to the best of our research and ability. Of course, these definitions and correlations are constantly evolving with new discoveries, new insights and social evolutions. We can begin with certain elastic notions of our experience, which can be outlined succinctly and accessibly in the following way;​
      ​The 7 Stages of Consciousness

      ​Consciousness can be assigned to awareness, but is not limited to the notion of relation or relativity. It is not just the relation to events but also includes the processing of those events, the development of paradigms in the mind, habits in the social sphere and physiological executions of each. Consciousness encompasses so much more than awareness. It is not an exclusive aspect of the Human Experience as it has yet to have clearly defined and agreed upon boundaries. For this particular article, we will assign Consciousness to our awareness of self and the outside world, the processing of that information and our chosen response to that information.

      In this model there are 7 Stages of Consciousness​;

      Level 1 – Animal

      ​”The Drive to Survive”

      At this level, the focus is on basic security; food, water, shelter and any other basic needs to maintain survival. This is a very self-centered and undeveloped Consciousness. Abraham Maslow referred to these as “deficiency” needs. We feel no sense of lasting satisfaction from being able to meet these needs, but we feel a sense of anxiety if these needs are not met. It is a cyclical state of being.

      We master level 1 by developing the practical skills that are necessary to ensure our physical survival.

      Level 2 – Mass Consciousness​

      ​”The Drive for pleasure and the perpuation of the species.”

      The social, relationship based level of Consciousness; the desire to be loved, to belong and the awareness of the needs of others. This is above the self-interested level of satisfying physiological needs where we desire emotional fulfillment through communion with others.​

      We master level 2 by developing the interpersonal relationship skills that are necessary to feel safe and to be loved.

      Level 3 – Aspiration​

      ​”The Drive for conquest, achivement, victory and esteem.”

      Our positive self-esteem, a sense of pride in who we are in the social sphere. Our personal self-worth in relation to our outside world is of intrinsic value, defining ourselves in relation to others and recalibrating those definitions in relation to choices and actions.

      We master level 3 by developing the emotional skills that are necessary to feel good about ourselves in all situations – developing our self-respect.

      Level 4 – Individual​

      ​”The Drive for community or union.”

      ​This is a truly transformational state as we rise above the self interested level of satisfying needs. We begin our journey in learning to master the power of the Subconscious Mind, identifying paradigms and limiting beliefs and deciding what is acceptable and what is not, and travel a path of self actualisation. We develop a system of values by which we will live our lives and an understanding of our potential impact within our community, in history and our world.

      ​We master level 4 by learning to release the subconscious and conscious fears we hold concerning the first three levels of needs and thereby begin the process of blending the needs of the ego with the needs of the soul.

      Level 5 – Discipline​

      ​”The Drive for creative self-expression”

      Clarity of Purpose is aligning your life with your passion and purpose, discovering your authentic self and making commitments to fulfill those directives that will bring meaning to your life. This is the galvanization and cohesion of our preferred self. We choose to align our immediate self with a Higher Self by creating a vision for our future and taking action in accordance with that vision, action with a definite non-negotiable plan to manifest the Universe expressing creation through us.

      ​We master level 5 when we discover our personal transcendent meaning for existence; our Clarity of Purpose.

      Level 6 – ​Experience

      ​”The Drive to imagine what could be but has yet to be.”

      ​Our consciousness has evolved to a point where we recognize that actualization of our sense of purpose, to truly make a difference, is dependent on mutual benefit and fulfillment with others and the collective imagination and development of that which is yet to be.

      ​We master level 6 by actualizing our sense of meaning by making a difference in the world.

      Level 7 – Mastery​

      “The drive to grasp and take hold of what has been imagined at lev​el 6.”

      ​This transcendant state of awareness is self-explanatory.

      We master level 7 when making a difference becomes a way of life, and we embrace the concept of self-less service.​

      Now that you have the framework

      Throughout history and across the world there are cultures that have explored the definitions of these levels of Consciousness. Culturally, they may be referred to as cycles, chakras, metals of alchemy, planets of astrology or a myriad of other possible things. The Human Experience over the centuries has proven that, while there are variations on a theme, and while the potential is limitless, the progres of our Consciousnes CAN be guaged if not only as a point of reference for evolving and progressing to another level.​

      ​We hope that by providing this information, this guage, you are excited and inspired to explore ways and means of tapping into your unlimited resource to move yourself forward into a new state of Consciousness and awareness, thereby accelerating your results, unlocking mysteries within yourself and discovering your authentic self and what you are truly capable of achieving in this precious life.

      Create some fire and pass the Torch.

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