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How to Make Everyone Like You

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Have you ever wondered how certain people appear to get along with everyone? How they just seem to be more likeable?

Have you tried to mimic them only to fall flat on your face?

To prevent further injury, here are some practical tips to help you build instant rapport with everyone you meet.

Make Eye Contact

When in one on one conversations, maintain eye contact with the other person, and if you’re in a group situation, keep your eyes on the speaker while periodically glancing at the other participants.

Smile when people are speaking and be a good listener.

Looking down makes it appear that you have low self-esteem, and looking away shows lack of confidence.

Stand Apart

At large social events, it can be intimidating to approach new people, and even more so to try stand out. Most people prefer to just fade into the crowd.

But showing that you’re open to socialize and putting yourself out there will make it a lot easier for people to approach you.

So, try to be unique, be a little more open, and watch people become more comfortable around you.

Be Kind

Be uplifting and positive when talking to anyone. Don’t undermine or make fun of people just to get a laugh. There are better ways to show your sense of humor, that don’t have the risk of backfiring on you.

One way to make people laugh is to make fun of something about yourself. It also shows your confident and comfortable with who you are.

Feel Good About Yourself

If you can feel good about yourself, it will show, and help make others feel the same way about you too.

If you do have self-esteem issues, read this article to try to overcome them. You can get your life back and not be controlled by your past anymore.

 Smell Good

People react to their environment and others based off their senses. Wear nice deodorant as a subtle way to have a good impression on others.

 Look Good and Embrace Your Uniqueness

It’s great to look good, but you also don’t want to be a complete clone of whatever is the latest fashion craze. Try to stand out a little by adding a little flair to your outfit, or if you like certain styles like vintage fashion go for it provided its suitable for the occasion!

People are imaginative and like uniqueness, so if you make it work, they’ll be naturally interested in getting to know you better.

 Be Confident!

People who are confient and at east in social settings have a good impression on others. If you make others feel like they might be intruding or might make you feel unconfortable by speaking to you, no one will want to speak to you.

So don’t stay next to the buffett where it’s safe, smile, make eye contact and start introducing yourself with confidence.

 Like People for Who They Are

People like other people who make them feel good. If you show curiosity and interest in for people’s unique traits, they’ll notice, warm up to you, and want to talk to you more.

Once someone mentions something to you that they’re proud of, compliment it! Everyone loves to be complimented!

Be Relaxed

People are naturally on the defense when introducing themselves to others, to protect their emotions from hurt. By keeping a natural, relaxing demeanor, people will feel less threatened be more inclined to approach and converse with you.


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