GoFundMe has had its controversies, but it has also facilitated countless amounts of good.

Donte Franklin is a hardworking young man who was leaving for work 3 hours early each day and trekking more than 8 miles each way, just to get to work on time. At the end of each day, the 20 year old man from Oklahoma had to make the journey back home on foot all over again.

Franklin credits his work ethic and ability to face any circumstances to his late mom, who passed away four years ago. Franklin told FOX News “I really don’t care if it gets tiring, I just have to keep pushing”. Whatever he has to do, he does to make his family proud.

Every man has a journey he must take

This inspirational work ethic inspired one man, Michael Lynn, who spotted Franklin when he was out doing errands. On his way back, Michael still spotted the young man out in the sweltering summer heat and decided to offer him a ride.

When Lynn learned of Franklin’s 17-mile a day work pilgrimage, he felt awed and share the details of Franklin’s journey on Facebook, where it was quickly shared over 1000 times.

One of the people who was it was Kerri Collins, who with her husband are the driving forces of bike charity group’s called My Riding Buddies Oklahoma and Bikers for Elves.

Speaking to KOCO Keri Collins said:

“It just touched me that this man is only 20 years and is walking to two different jobs with nothing in the heat. It opened my heart because kids his age don’t do that”

In appreciation of his effort, MRBO gifted Franklin a brand-new bike before his next shift! His commute had gotten a lot lot easier, but Franklin’s good fortune had just begun.

Franklin’s commute just got easier

Fuelled by more inspiration from the young man’s determination, a GoFundMe page was setup in his name so he could buy a car. At the time of writing, the GoFundMe has raised almost $53,000.

Franklin, who is also studying to be a welder, does not yet have his license. He has decided to use the funds to help his family and will take his bike to work, and will focus on getting his license and car in the future.


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